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The Best 509 Quotes from All Characters of the Anime Haikyuu!!

The Best 509 Quotes from All Characters of the Anime Haikyuu!!

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The Best 509 Quotes from All Characters of the Anime Haikyuu!!

The quotations spoken by all characters in Haikyuu!! serve as the essence of the themes explored in both the manga and anime series. Haikyuu!! depicts the Karasuno team’s struggle to reclaim their standing in the competitive world of volleyball in Japan.

Throughout their journey towards triumph, each character in Haikyuu!! imparts various words of inspiration. Whether emanating from pivotal figures such as Hinata Shoyo or formidable adversaries like Oikawa or Ushijima, every Haikyuu!! quote resonates with fervor and encouragement.

The exceptional quality of the Haikyuu!! manga or anime has motivated numerous individuals to embrace these inspirational quotes from the narrative as a wellspring of encouragement. Undoubtedly, the sentiments expressed within Haikyuu!! quotes have the power to inspire us to strive for self-improvement.

Here, provides a summary of Haikyuu!! quotes.

Quotes from All Characters of the Anime Haikyuu!!

The Best 509 Quotes from All Characters of the Anime Haikyuu!! The Best 509 Quotes from All Characters of the Anime Haikyuu!! The Best 509 Quotes from All Characters of the Anime Haikyuu!! The Best 509 Quotes from All Characters of the Anime Haikyuu!! The Best 509 Quotes from All Characters of the Anime Haikyuu!!

Kageyama Tobio

1. “I don’t care what they are like, I have no choice but to win.” – Kageyama Tobio.

2. “The last ones standing are the winners. Only the strongest.” – Kageyama Tobio.

3. “There’s only one motivation, which makes us all keep fighting.” – Kageyama Tobio.

4. “Being the best setter is as cool as being the ace.” – Kageyama Tobio.

5. “I’m a force they have to reckon with. That’s reason enough for them to let me in.” – Kageyama Tobio.

6. “Do you still think it’s appropriate to look down on your opponents?” – Kageyama Tobio.

7. “If you just waste time like that, you’ll waste the next three years.” – Kageyama Tobio.

8. “You don’t win alone. That’s the reality.” – Kageyama Tobio.

9. “You’re not physically ready. So don’t talk too much because that’s why you’re being underestimated.” – Kageyama Tobio.

10. “The word “not giving up” is not as easy as you say” – Kageyama Tobio.

11. “Are you really so great that you dare to mock?” – Kageyama Tobio.

12. “Don’t just take your name to school.” – Kageyama Tobio.

13. “Your condition isn’t ready yet, so don’t talk big.” – Kageyama Tobio.

14. “Not giving up is not that easy to implement.” – Kageyama Tobio.

15. “I will definitely win everything.” – Kageyama Tobio.

16. “If you want to be last then be strong.” – Kageyama Tobio.

17. “The point is, we haven’t lost yet!” – Kageyama Tobio.

Hinata Shoyo

1. “I played with all my strength, but don’t tell me that everything I did was in vain.” – Hinata Shoyo.

2. “Do you need a reason so you don’t feel defeated?” – Hinata Shoyo.

3. “It’s not easy to beat him in a match. Therefore, I don’t want to lose again!” – Hinata Shoyo.

4. “It’s true that I’m not very tall. But, I can jump!” – Hinata Shoyo.

5. “I will fight using this body, winning and winning, until I am on the field as long as I can.” – Hinata Shoyo

6. “No matter how big they are, my punch can definitely pass them!” – Hinata Shoyo.

7. “I won’t care if I’m cut out for it or not. What’s important is winning!” – Hinata Shoyo.

8. “No matter how difficult it is, we just need to reach for the ball.”- Hinata Shoyo.

9. “It’s not a matter of who is strong or weak. If we lose, we will be eliminated from the field.”

10. “It doesn’t matter if they are strong or not. The key is how much determination you have to win. If we lose, it is an opportunity to fight harder.”- Hinata Shoyo.

11. “But now we can still fight. Even if they read or chase us.” – Hinata Shoyo.

12. “The view from above is one I would never have seen myself.” – Hinata Shoyo.

13. “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Hinata Shoyo.

14. “We won’t necessarily lose, as long as we don’t give up.” – Hinata Shoyo.

15. “To become the strongest, the best thing is to fight those who are strong!” – Hinata Shoyo.

16. “Do you need a reason not to want to lose?” – Hinata Shoyo.

17. “There’s no point in trying to encourage people who don’t mean what they do.” – Hinata Shoyo.

18. “If you’re the king of the field, I just have to beat you and be the last one on the field.” – Hinata Shoyo.

19. “This hurts, I want to stop. But when I really want to stop, I think I’m leveling up.” – Hinata Shoyo.

20. “The future belongs to those who believe in their beautiful dreams.” – Hinata Shoyo.

21. “We can still fight!” – Hinata Shoyo.


1. “I’ll put the ball in the air, it’s not your place to give up.” – Nishinoya Yuu

2. “Life is boring if you don’t challenge yourself.” – Nishinoya Yuu

3. “Feeling taller is no big deal.” – Nishinoya Yuu

4. “Cowards will remain cowards.” – Nishinoya Yuu

5. “You won’t know the results until you try.” – Nishinoya Yuu

6. “I’m a libero, I’ll protect your back with my life if I have to.” – Nishinoya Yuu

7. “If it falls, fall forward.” – Nishinoya Yuu

8. “It is not a matter of the strongest species, nor of the intelligence to survive, but of the most adaptable to change.” – Nishinoya Yuu

9. “Never give up the blows I have worked so hard to receive!” – Nishinoya Yuu

10. “No matter how many of your shots don’t score, accepting defeat just like that is selfish. That’s something I can’t forgive.” – Nishinoya Yuu

11. “My role is to connect everyone. I can’t fight in the sky, that’s the spikers’ job. But I will without fail get the ball to them at the highest point possible.” – Nishinoya Yuu

12. “This time I’ll take the hit, so please, do it one more time, Ace!” – Nishinoya Yuu

13. “My hands are only about 2 cm thick, maybe my hands are much smaller compared to boys my age, but the 2 cm distance between the ball and the floor is Ace’s lifeline.” – Nishinoya Yuu

14. “Who cares what people say? If a spiker manages to score because of your pass, that means your position is important!” – Nishinoya Yuu

15. “I’m the only one who can fight him on equal footing.” – Nishinoya Yuu

16. “The truly skilled receivers, are the ones who don’t really stand out.” – Nishinoya Yuu

17. “I implore you to win the battle in the air, even if it feels like your legs will explode.” – Nishinoya Yuu

18. “What other people think has nothing to do with you, it’s about whether you still want to hit the ball.” – Nishinoya Yuu

Sawamura Daichi

1. “If you don’t go into it with the intention of winning, you’ll never beat them.” – Sawamura Daichi

2. “We’ll never win if we don’t believe we can.” – Sawamura Daichi

3. “Even if we are not sure that we will win, even if others tell us that we have no chance, we should not tell ourselves that!” – Sawamura Daichi

4. “‘Poor third year student replaced by genius first year’, I’m sure that’s how some people would see Suga. But Suga is another Karasuno setter!.” – Sawamura Daichi

5. “I of course want to keep playing! I want to keep playing volleyball with you guys!” – Sawamura Daichi

6. “This is the stage that Karasuno visited in the past!” – Sawamura Daichi

7. “We’ll go there again!” – Sawamura Daichi

8. “It’s going to be hard without you, that can’t be denied. hinata, we need you, so eat and rest.” – Sawamura Daichi

9. “I don’t know your motivation for being here in Karasuno. But I’m sure you came here with victory in your heads.” – Sawamura Daichi

10. “Don’t think you can beat me easily.” – Sawamura Daichi

11. “Trusting other people one hundred percent is not an easy thing to do. What’s more, trusting people regardless of friend or foe.” – Sawamura Daichi

12. “Even though your enemy is impossible to defeat and very formidable, if you don’t believe you can, you won’t win.” – Sawamura Daichi

13. “We are basically evolving at this point, and we don’t know the limits of our potential. Even if we feel those limitations, we will still aim higher.” – Sawamura Daichi

14. “Even if others tell us that we don’t have a chance, then we shouldn’t say that to ourselves.” – Sawamura Daichi

15. “Basically, right now we are developing and we don’t know the limits of our potential. Even though we already know the limits, we still have to aim higher.” – Sawamura Daichi

16. “We will definitely win the first round!” – Sawamura Daichi

17. “I can’t give you a fancy game, but I can give you a solid foundation.” – Sawamura Daichi

18. “He’s an energetic bad boy, an athletic monster. He’s not famous at all, and sometimes he gives off completely unbelievable power.” – Sawamura Daichi

19. “You should know better than anyone that you will fail when you lose your cool.” – Sawamura Daichi

Oikawa Tooru

1. “If we let our guard down, we’ll be swallowed up. So let’s go all out from the start.” – Oikawa Tooru

2. “Iwa-chan, are you my mother?” – Oikawa Tooru

3. “Talent is something you grow. Instinct is something you polish!” – Oikawa Tooru

4. “A genius will keep going, and find a good place for his talents.” – Oikawa Tooru

5. “If you want to hit it, hit it until it breaks!” – Oikawa Tooru

6. “When crows gather together, they may even be able to kill a great white eagle.” – Oikawa Tooru

7. “Today may be your chance to develop your talent, maybe tomorrow, the day after or next year. Maybe even when you are 30. I’m not sure if physique has anything to do with talent, but if you think it will never develop, it probably won’t Once.” – Oikawa Tooru

8. “Nice to see you, you still doing the King thing?.” – Oikawa Tooru

9. “Even if I don’t match her talent, I have confidence that I can provide the best throw for everyone. That’s why I won’t lose as a setter!” – Oikawa Tooru

10. “All spikers are different, when you are able to extract 100% of their strength. Then you will become a true setter!” – Oikawa Tooru

11. “Once we get to high school, that’s when we’ll show Shiratorizawa who’s boss!” – Oikawa Tooru

12. “I don’t know where you’re going from here, but I’m going to destroy you, so you better be ready.” – Oikawa Tooru

13. “Tobio, I might actually lose to you. Considering how fast you evolve, but that won’t happen today!” – Oikawa Tooru

14. “All our practices, experiences, and strategies were destroyed by force. I guess the path to victory actually doesn’t matter. The one who lets the ball fall on the court loses. That’s everything.” – Oikawa Tooru

15. “Just because a super receiver is flashy doesn’t mean it’s good. If a ball that’s always gone up for them suddenly doesn’t go up any more, it’s slowly but surely going to get to them. I think they’re feeling that now.” – Oikawa Tooru

16. “Self-esteem is worthless huh? That’s right. Listen to me Ushijima, I never thought my decision was wrong, and my volleyball isn’t over at all!” – Oikawa Tooru

17. “Never forget my worthless self!” – Oikawa Tooru

18. “Iwa-chan if you think too hard when you don’t have a brain, you will hurt your head.” – Oikawa Tooru

19. “Who can match Tobio’s high five? But he’s no better than me at serves, blocks, and spikes.” – Oikawa Tooru

20. “That’s why we have to break their receivers. Because no matter how great the throw is, if the ball doesn’t get to the setter, it’s all for nothing!” – Oikawa Tooru

21. “Just having one good player doesn’t mean you’ll win!” – Oikawa Tooru

22. “Thank you for these three years!” – Oikawa Tooru

23. “My smile is always bright and pure.” – Oikawa Tooru

24. “I am the one who will overthrow Ushiwaka from his throne.” – Oikawa Tooru

25. “I don’t have time to sit around feeling sorry for myself.” – Oikawa Tooru

26. “He must be some kind of monster, but it must be hard to stay around that monster.” – Oikawa Tooru

27. “If you pay attention to me, you will be stabbed from an unexpected direction.” – Oikawa Tooru

28. “My junior, not yet smart and not even close to my level. But now he is not alone, he is strong.” – Oikawa Tooru

29. “Who will devour the King and the dark horse? who will fight them and go to the National Championship? We will!.” – Oikawa Tooru

30. “No matter who wins, I’m going to be angry. So I hope they both lose.” – Oikawa Tooru

31. “Damn you Ushiwaka, can’t you put a more frustrated expression on that face of yours?” – Oikawa Tooru

32. “You can’t be jealous Iwa-chan, it’s embarrassing.” – Oikawa Tooru

33. “I want to crush my dear underclassman, setter-on-setter in an official match.” – Oikawa Tooru

34. “I trust you completely, Iwa-chan.” – Oikawa Tooru

Bokuto Kotaro

1. “It’s a matter of whether ‘that moment’ is there for you or not. If you experience that moment, you will be completely hooked on Volleyball.” – Bokuto Kotaro

2. Destroying those in front of you and the incredible feeling of unleashing 120% of your power, that’s everything!.” – Bokuto Kotaro

3. “Spike isn’t just about hitting the ball on the floor. If you stay calm, you’ll be able to see what action you need to take.” – Bokuto Kotaro

4. “Don’t compliment me just to knock me out.” – Bokuto Kotaro

5. “You know four eyes, you’re great at reading block. But your block is pretty weak. Your arm is so weak that I’m afraid I’ll break it.” – Bokuto Kotaro

6. “You have to stop the ball like it’s everything!” – Bokuto Kotaro

7. “When you feint spike, there is a different feeling of satisfaction than usual. You know how the enemy will save the ball that is below? You are usually level with them or above them. But when they try to reach the ball, miss, then look up . It’s the best feeling.” – Bokuto Kotaro

8. “Hey Tsuki, you better make sure you beat Ushiwaka. Because I have beaten you soundly, so if you win against Ushiwaka, that means I have beaten Ushiwaka soundly. Then I will be the greatest! Hey Hey Hey!” – Bokuto Kotaro

9. “The best way to describe this attack is something born of waiting for the balance of stillness and movement.” – Bokuto Kotaro

10. “If there is ever a net between us, I will show no mercy!” – Bokuto Kotaro

11. “The last three years I have been the mainstay of the team, thank you all. But in a few days I have to say goodbye to you all.” – Bokuto Kotaro

12. “Until now I have been the ‘Ace’ who was pampered by the rest of the team, but in a few days we will all say goodbye and go our separate ways. So it’s time for me to just be the former Ace.” – Bokuto Kotaro

13. “Have you ever thought that it would be okay if we lost the game?” – Bokuto Kotaro

14. “Think about what’s fun, not what’s easy.” – Bokuto Kotaro

15. “It’s not ‘impossible’, it’s just ‘difficult’.” – Bokuto Kotaro

16. “Hinata may be small, but her presence is huge!” – Bokuto Kotaro

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17. “I will give you a new special attack.” – Bokuto Kotaro

18. “I really am the strongest Hey Hey Hey!.” – Bokuto Kotaro

19. “I feel like someone is complimenting me.” – Bokuto Kotaro

20. “It looks like I can’t do a cross spike anymore, I mean it’s like I already did a cross spike but it ended up going straight.” – Bokuto Kotaro

21. “Today I just felt really comfortable with my straight punches, so I did nothing but straight punches and now it’s become a habit I can’t break.” – Bokuto Kotaro

22. “What will happen in the future and whether or not you can win the next game, none of that matters once in a while.” – Bokuto Kotaro

23. “Finally Kuro-kun, the master of provocation, failed.” – Bokuto Kotaro

24. “Akashi, don’t throw the ball at me again!” – Bokuto Kotaro

25. “Akashi, learn how to read situations!” – Bokuto Kotaro

26. “Okay, did you see that? Did you see my cross punch Akashi?” – Bokuto Kotaro

27. “Akashi, support me sometimes!” – Bokuto Kotaro

28. “Receive Yakkun really gave me goosebumps!” – Bokuto Kotaro

29. “What’s wrong Kuro? A little quiet today?” – Bokuto Kotaro

30. “Oh yeah??” – Bokuto Kotaro

31. “Hey Hey Hey.” – Bokuto Kotaro

Kuroo Tetsuro

1. “We are like blood in the veins, we have to flow without stopping. So that the oxygen keeps moving and your mind keeps working!” – Kuroo Tetsuro

2. “Wouldn’t it be more fun to face an enemy you can’t seem to beat?” – Kuroo Tetsuro

3. “Isn’t it better to attack before being attacked? They say attack is the best defense, right?” – Kuroo Tetsuro

4. “Remember we are blood, never stop flowing and keep moving. Keep bringing oxygen so our brains can work as well as possible!” – Kuroo Tetsuro

5. “Read block is a block that consists of observation and perseverance, but it is also the block that brings you the last laugh!” – Kuroo Tetsuro

6. “Don’t stop, current first and second years know how great you are. This team is definitely stronger because of you!” – Kuroo Tetsuro

7. “When you watch one of Hinata’s games, your face looks like when you play a game you just bought, you know?” – Kuroo Tetsuro

8. “If the short guy becomes your training partner as an opponent, that will keep you motivated too, right?” – Kuroo Tetsuro

9. “I’ve always been a good person.” – Kuroo Tetsuro

10. “That lousy shrimp you guys are talking about is the backbone of Nekoma, he’s our brain and heart.” – Kuroo Tetsuro

11. “You and Liev are like oil and water, you don’t mix well.” – Kuroo Tetsuro

12. “Timed attack! It’s an attack technique we can’t use yet, but if we practice a lot from now on I’m sure it will become one of our most incredible special moves!” – Kuroo Tetsuro

13. “I want to make trash can battle a reality. That’s what our coach wants more than anything!.” – Kuroo Tetsuro

14. “But who knows how much longer our coaches will keep coaching? So that’s why we need you guys to keep winning, too. Well, that’s practice for me too, so don’t sweat the small stuff.” – Kuroo Tetsuro

15. “Just because their Ace is in the top three, doesn’t mean their team is too!” – Kuroo Tetsuro

16. “You play against them but you still don’t get it huh? You play in the palm of their hands.” – Kuroo Tetsuro

17. “They may give the impression of cats, but there are definitely snakes under there. They’re a walking contradiction.” – Kuroo Tetsuro

18. “The coolest way is the best way.” – Kuroo Tetsuro

19. “Talk like that and the little guy will hog all the winnings.” – Kuroo Tetsuro

20. “You will also tend to forget your surroundings when you are excited.” – Kuroo Tetsuro

21. “I can’t believe you’re not bored of playing with that thing every day. If you have a lot of free time, let’s practice volleyball!.” – Kuroo Tetsuro

22. “It’s not always good to be the center of attention, you know? I’m just about to dampen your spirits, so just wait!” – Kuroo Tetsuro

23. “I have to say, this kind of honest and stupid side of you is very charming.” – Kuroo Tetsuro

24. “It’s true that if you can block and stuff like, baaam, it feels really great and everything can look like a hero sometimes.” – Kuroo Tetsuro

25. “A team is a complicated thing, you have to bring it all together so it acts as one cohesive unit.” – Kuroo Tetsuro

26. “I can’t count how many times we made your life difficult Yakkun. As penance, it’s okay for you to watch our team win once in a while, don’t you think?” – Kuroo Tetsuro

27. “They don’t sound like high school kids. But instead, maybe you should be a little crazy, like a high school kid.” – Kuroo Tetsuro

28. “Inuoka is 20cm taller than you, but you played a draw. That’s amazing, shrimp.” – Kuroo Tetsuro

29. “I didn’t expect little Karasuno to be such a freak and such a threat, but in terms of technique and experience he’s like a baby bird.” – Kuroo Tetsuro

30. “I would have never expected a taller, smarter guy wearing glasses to think that the little guy is not his equal, but above his level!” – Kuroo Tetsuro

31. “Have all your emotional wounds healed after being dumped by Shika-chan, I mean having to go through an ordeal before the game. It was a bad time.” – Kuroo Tetsuro

32. “Whatever happens, we must not let Bokuto find his groove!.” – Kuroo Tetsuro

33. “We can’t lose here!” – Kuroo Tetsuro

34. “They’re always trying something new, aren’t they?” – Kuroo Tetsuro

35. “Let’s shut that owl’s mouth!” – Kuroo Tetsuro

36. “This guy is the sneaky type.” – Kuroo Tetsuro

37. “See you at the final scrubs!.” – Kuroo Tetsuro

38. “Oho ho ho? Oya oya oya?.” – Kuroo Tetsuro

Kenma Kozumane

1. “I don’t really get along with other people and I don’t want to interact with them. But I’m very curious about what other people think of me.” – Kenma Kozumane

2. “Even if a game seems obscure at first, after playing it over and over again, you can definitely conquer it.” – Kenma Kozumane

3. “When you ask about our team, I say I think we’re good. But it’s not because I’m on it, it’s because we’re together.” – Kenma Kozumane

4. “I’ve been thinking about that lately. You’re fun to play against, so I want to face you in a real match. A match where losing means game over.” – Kenma Kozumane

5. “I’m sick, I’m tired, but I don’t want this to end.” – Kenma Kozumane

6. “You know, no matter who wins or loses among us, no one will die and no one will come back to life either. Evil will not flourish across the land, the world will not be destroyed. It’s not like we have a grand adventure across a vast fantasy world, we just run around in a rectangle measuring 18×9 meters. Trying desperately to make the ball hit the floor in one place and not touch the floor in another. And that’s the most fun I’ve ever had in my life. ” – Kenma Kozumane

7. “My nerves are always on edge, because I don’t want to be noticed.” – Kenma Kozumane

8. “It’s not easy to align yourself with messy people like you. I’m not Karasuno’s setter after all.” – Kenma Kozumane

9. “Not being able to beat something is also very boring.” – Kenma Kozumane

10. “I feel anxious that my field of vision is too wide, so I can’t cut my hair.” – Kenma Kozumane

11. “Even that genius first-year setter hesitated for a moment, but Shoyo could still see it. That kind of thing would tire me out.” – Kenma Kozumane

12. “Ever since I was little, I really couldn’t make friends of my own accord.” – Kenma Kozumane

13. “This is not because of me, but because of everyone.” – Kenma Kozumane

14. “If we let him move freely, we won’t be able to catch him, so we have to be able to narrow his range of movement. After that it’s just a matter of catching him.” – Kenma Kozumane

15. “A “senior” is just someone who was born 1-2 years earlier, so why are they so arrogant about it.” – Kenma Kozumane

16. “I’ve been thinking lately, you’re entertaining Shoyo, so I want to play a game with you that isn’t a practice game. A game that’s truly “game over” if you lose.” – Kenma Kozumane

17. “You always panic over small things and get angry, at least pay attention to the ball and don’t drop your elbows. Prioritize jump height over speed.” – Kenma Kozumane

18. “In case you haven’t noticed, this is something I tell you over and over again. It’s like a bad record, you’re still far from Shoyo’s level.” – Kenma Kozumane

19. “I’m kind of looking forward to the match with Karasuno.” – Kenma Kozumane

20 .”I envy him being able to feel at home wherever he goes, like he owns the place.” – Kenma Kozumane

21. “This guy is smart, he observes and thinks carefully, the opposite of Shoyo.” – Kenma Kozumane

22. “Bokuto usually really likes doing cross spikes, but today it looks like he’s really in the straight spike zone, huh?” – Kenma Kozumane

23. “Elementary school, middle school, and high school. All the time, Kuro and I were always together.” – Kenma Kozumane

24. “Ever since I was little, my only playmate was Kuro, who was the same age and lived nearby.” – Kenma Kozumane

25. “We only had enough people for a game, but it was kind of fun.” – Kenma Kozumane

26. “Tora said I stood out so I changed it.” – Kenma Kozumane

27. “I’m not excited.” – Kenma Kozumane

28. “I’m bad with animals in the first place.” – Kenma Kozumane

Sugawara Koshi

1. “Daichi, you’re not as loud as usual. The captain can’t lose his cool!” – Sugawara Koshi

2. “If it’s just me fighting Aoba Johsai, I don’t stand a chance. But my teammates are very strong.” – Sugawara Koshi

3. “But now I’m on the field, our enemies are giants and their blows are aimed at me. Honestly it scares me, before I let it get to me. But now you guys support me, I feel very confident.” – Sugawara Koshi

4. “The points we get when I’m on the court and the points we get when you’re on the court are all done together, that’s points for Karasuno.” – Sugawara Koshi

5. “I will fight my best and so will you. That’s how we beat Seijoh!” – Sugawara Koshi

6. “Slowly I feel suffocated, but I feel strangely calm because panic hasn’t affected my concentration. That’s because our goal is clearly in front of us!” – Sugawara Koshi

7. “I want to stay here longer, I want to survive with these people, I want to fight with these people longer. Let me stand here, I want to hit the ball with my own hands over and over again. Then we Karasuno will win the match is right before our eyes.” – Sugawara Koshi

8. “Every player feels the same pride about the fact that they are on the field, no matter whether they are geniuses or not.” – Sugawara Koshi

9. “I don’t play volleyball for the sake of achievement.” – Sugawara Koshi

10. “In a difficult situation where our receivers were good, the last ball was entrusted to Ace. I know that, I understand it, but to pass to Asahi he didn’t wait any longer, and forced it against 3 blockers.” – Sugawara Koshi

11. “Ace was waiting for me, he was waiting for a pass that was a little far from the net. Asahi’s skill was that I had to throw him many times. It was a simple pass, but I would be as careful as possible.” – Sugawara Koshi

12. “Karasuno who now has the strongest pass, if Hinata and Kageyama’s combo is here, I’m sure the blow that hasn’t been successful until now will definitely connect.” – Sugawara Koshi

13. “I don’t like tipping, it’s scary, just like spiking.” – Sugawara Koshi

14 “When you do something outside your role, you are afraid of failure and don’t want to try again. But how will you win if you don’t keep moving forward?” – Sugawara Koshi

15. “We’re counting on you Hinata! Make sure you get points back every time you hit!” – Sugawara Koshi

16. “People who hate losing can be scary, that’s not good for my heart.” – Sugawara Koshi

17. “We did it, we got our revenge. But again, I hope my throwing can play a role in the win.” – Sugawara Koshi

18. “It’s great to see their overwhelming aura of intimidation as strong as ever.” – Sugawara Koshi

19. “One thing is certain, Kageyama is now a person who understands and is open to the possibility that I was wrong. Something he was forced to realize after receiving feedback from his middle school teammates.” – Sugawara Koshi

20. “Receiving a throw from the setter is normal for us, but for Hinata it is something special.” – Sugawara Koshi

21. “For us third years there is no next year. We want to win as much as possible, we want a ticket to continue advancing to the next stop. If we can achieve that with Kageyama instead of me, then I think you should choose him without hesitation.” – Sugawara Koshi

22. “I’ve played alongside Daichi and Asahi since we were in first year. I want to stand with them on the court for as many games as possible.” – Sugawara Koshi

23. “Karasuno isn’t a powerhouse, but we’re not that weak either. Until now even though there were talented people, we weren’t able to combine their strengths well. But we’ll gather everyone again with the addition of first years!” – Sugawara Koshi

24. “My weapon becomes “solid and steady.” But even I can learn and try something else.” – Sugawara Koshi

25. “It kind of frustrates me but Hinata’s face when he hits my throw isn’t the same as when he hits Kageyama’s throw.” – Sugawara Koshi

26. “I think you know this, but all of our juniors this year are really strong.” – Sugawara Koshi

27. “Let me pass the ball to you one more time, Asahi!” – Sugawara Koshi

Tanaka Ryuunosuke

1. “In volleyball everyone on your team on your side of the net is not your enemy!” – Tanaka Ryuunosuke

2. “I’m sorry I didn’t ask for the sheet just now. I was scared for a second damn it!” – Tanaka Ryuunosuke

3. “There’s no point in someone as worthless as me bringing disappointment to everyone because of my own mistakes.” – Tanaka Ryuunosuke

4. “Put aside the self-reflection and regret if there is any. Hold on to those feelings tightly so you don’t forget them, then go out there and do it again next time!” – Tanaka Ryuunosuke

5. “It’s senpai’s job to always be there and help his precious juniors!” – Tanaka Ryuunosuke

6. “Whoever laughs at me now, you will regret it so don’t forget that you laughed at me.” – Tanaka Ryuunosuke

7. “What does it mean to “have hope”? so until now I had nothing? and now you tell me there is a glimmer, which means my existence hasn’t started until now right?.” – Tanaka Ryuunosuke

8. “You’re tall and impressive like that, so walk with your chin up.” – Tanaka Ryuunosuke

9. “Keep going until you can do it!” – Tanaka Ryuunosuke

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10. “Kanoka has become very skilled, the person left behind is me. I won’t lose!” – Tanaka Ryuunosuke

11. “What have I done today? What have I accomplished?” – Tanaka Ryuunosuke

12. “He didn’t just say that just to cheer me up, I will live up to the pressure you put on me!.” – Tanaka Ryuunosuke

13. “As long as I keep trying until I can, I will really be able to do it!” – Tanaka Ryuunosuke

14. “I’m not number one at anything right now, but that’s not enough of a reason to stop!” – Tanaka Ryuunosuke

15. “What’s scary is not losing the match, but being afraid of the match!” – Tanaka Ryuunosuke

16. “Several times I could see the opponent’s block in slow motion while in the air, it was like a passing light.” – Tanaka Ryuunosuke

17. “How do you like Tsukishima? Aren’t you going to destroy me and Hinata?” – Tanaka Ryuunosuke

18. “Okay! Asahi-san isn’t the only one who can score goals in a pinch!” – Tanaka Ryuunosuke

19. “You looking for trouble, city boy?” – Tanaka Ryuunosuke

20. “Kageyama, get your ass over here and give me a pass.” – Tanaka Ryuunosuke

Shimizu Kiyoko

1. “Little by little, what you start will naturally become important to you. All you need at first is a little curiosity.” – Shimizu Kiyoko

2. “Do and keep doing your best.” – Shimizu Kiyoko

3. “I think our team is among the best in the prefecture.” – Shimizu Kiyoko

4. “This time, we will appear on the national stage!” – Shimizu Kiyoko

5. “I don’t think everyone has to like something before trying it. I don’t think you need a strong will or lofty motives just to get started.” – Shimizu Kiyoko

6. “Sometimes things you start on a whim end up being very important to you.” – Shimizu Kiyoko

7. “To get started, I think you just need a little curiosity.” – Shimizu Kiyoko

8. “I may not be standing on the field, I may not be wearing a uniform. But right now, right now I’m standing with them on the front lines of the battlefield.” – Shimizu Kiyoko

9. “Bananas suit Tanaka.” – Shimizu Kiyoko

10. “You practice, you practice, then you practice some more. The hours you put in, the progress you make. It can all stop in the blink of an eye. So what if that happens?” – Shimizu Kiyoko

11. “I cannot say that we will be the defeated, nor can I say with certainty that we will stand victorious. All we can do is rise to the challenge.” – Shimizu Kiyoko

12. “You won’t win any game just because you pray to god about it.” – Shimizu Kiyoko

13. “Everything will be fine. Even if the gods are not in your favor, you don’t need to worry.” – Shimizu Kiyoko

14. “I think everyone tries at first before they like it. I don’t think you need a lot of passion or a strong reason to start.” – Shimizu Kiyoko

Ushijima Wakatoshi

1. “We don’t need a setter who doesn’t rely on his ace.” – Ushijima Wakatoshi

2. “Whatever your skill level, watching us won’t make us weak.” – Ushijima Wakatoshi

3. “Seeing how you moved that day, I expect your blocking and receiving skills to be impressive as well.” – Ushijima Wakatoshi

4. “You can no longer compete at heights. So what can you do if your technique is also bad?” – Ushijima Wakatoshi

5. “I became possible because I was lucky. Even if I wasn’t lucky, I think I would still try just as hard.” – Ushijima Wakatoshi

6. “Defense with gaps is completely meaningless.” – Ushijima Wakatoshi

7. “I hate self-confidence that has no basis.” – Ushijima Wakatoshi

8. “Why do you have reason to panic about all your talents?.” – Ushijima Wakatoshi

9. “You should join Shiratorizawa.” – Ushijima Wakatoshi

10. “He’s an amazing athlete, he should come here.” – Ushijima Wakatoshi

11. “Oikawa has a knack for bringing out the best in the players around him, no matter what team he’s on. The better the team, the more talent he can draw from them. And vice versa. On a team without talent, he won’t be able to do anything. That’s his specialty.” – Ushijima Wakatoshi

12. “Good seeds require very good soil. Fruit cannot be produced on barren soil.” – Ushijima Wakatoshi

13. “Good, I just need one high pass, that’s all.” – Ushijima Wakatoshi

14. “If you want to see us, follow me. That is if you can.” – Ushijima Wakatoshi

15. “Everyone in Aoba Johsai is weak, except Oikawa.” – Ushijima Wakatoshi

16. “Stamina, speed, acceleration, vertical jump, fighting spirit.” – Ushijima Wakatoshi

17. “This is a warning, don’t choose the wrong path again. There is still a place out there for you to unleash your true potential.” – Ushijima Wakatoshi

18. “Give it to me!” – Ushijima Wakatoshi

19. “No matter who you are, we will gladly accept your challenge.” – Ushijima Wakatoshi

Azumane Asahi

1. “To destroy all obstacles, that’s Ace!” – Azumane Asahi

2. “I may be an Ace, but you guys are heroes.” – Azumane Asahi

3. “Maybe without your block, the rally might have ended there with their points.” – Azumane Asahi

4. “My teammates are so great, they are trustworthy. I want to play volleyball with them as long as possible.” – Azumane Asahi

5. “‘The heaviest, stifling burden of expectations that rests on the shoulders of an Ace’? Since when have my teammates ever been a burden?.” – Azumane Asahi

6. “It would make a big difference if we knew which one he was aiming for.” – Azumane Asahi

7. “Even though I know the time I spend thinking ‘I’m so bad’ is wasted, my mind always goes there. Almost, thanks guys.” – Azumane Asahi

8. “Like a comet, I depart. I fail, Kamchatka. I flee, Okhotsk. I depart, like a shooting star, scattering silver on its way down. I will never surrender, Kamchatka!”.” – Azumane Asahi

9. “They handed it over to you in a critical situation, be proud!” – Azumane Asahi

10. “I am here thanks to my strong teammates, reliable teammates.” – Azumane Asahi

11. “I want to play with them as long as I can, even if it’s just one second longer.” – Azumane Asahi

12. “It’s a strong opponent, I don’t have time to face myself too.” – Azumane Asahi

13. “It’s natural to feel afraid and feel guilty, I will carry it all!” – Azumane Asahi

14. “Today I will be on my own side!” – Azumane Asahi

15. “What I can do, spike as a mainstay, can change the atmosphere, finish anything that comes my way, dramatically, and destroy blockers.” – Azumane Asahi

16. “For now, I can get one point.” – Azumane Asahi

17. “Finish it come on!” – Azumane Asahi

18. “My partner will never be a burden.” – Azumane Asahi

19. “With the support of my teammates and calming myself down, even though my strength was decreasing, it felt like there was strength flowing through my whole body.” – Azumane Asahi

20. “That was the best, I don’t think I’ve ever looked down the field before.” – Azumane Asahi

21. “Let’s score points.” – Azumane Asahi

22. “All I hear is my breath, give it all to me.” – Azumane Asahi

23 “Keep calm. You’ll make Daichi angry.” – Azumane Asahi

Hoshiumi Kourai

1. “You mean you wouldn’t be surprised by a strange midget, would you?” – Hoshiumi Kourai

2. “The time for me to escape my sister’s restraining spell has come.” – Hoshiumi Kourai

3. “My brother and father are all tall, why am I the only one small?” – Hoshiumi Kourai

4. “There may be no definite way to grow taller, but there are many ways to become strong.” – Mrs. Hoshiumi Kourai

5. “If we’re talking about being strong, you’re my top candidate.” – Hoshiumi Kourai

6. “I’ve known that I was weak, since a long time ago.” – Hoshiumi Kourai

7. “Why not just stop? It doesn’t mean it will kill you, and it doesn’t mean those big muscles you built will disappear just because you stopped.” – Hoshiumi Kourai

8. “Maybe you’re just ‘full’ of volleyball right now, considering you ate too much of it.” – Hoshiumi Kourai

9. “We really lost compared to last time, our block was good but Karasuno’s spike was better.” – Hoshiumi Kourai

10. “There’s nothing sweeter than serving at the end of a set after missing a point lead.” – Hoshiumi Kourai

11. “Praise me again!” – Hoshiumi Kourai

12. “For us there is no such thing as the flow of the game, there is only a series of good or bad games, and continuing or stopping it is our job.” – Hoshiumi Kourai

13. There is nothing that cannot be controlled on the field.” – Hoshiumi Kourai

14. “Being strong is the team’s ideal, but I have no desire to hide behind team harmony.” – Hoshiumi Kourai

15. “I am Hoshiumi Kourai!.” – Hoshiumi Kourai

16. “Small is a disadvantage, but it doesn’t make something impossible.” – Hoshiumi Kourai

17. “Height isn’t about how many meters you can jump, it’s about how many centimeters above the blocker you can jump.” – Hoshiumi Kourai

18. “Even I feel resigned about being tall.” – Hoshiumi Kourai

19. “Don’t say it like you gave it to me! It was mine from the start!” – Hoshiumi Kourai

20. “I thought I would reach the top alone by beating other players who were the same as me. But he wasn’t the same, that wasn’t our only strength either.” – Hoshiumi Kourai

21. “I thought I should beat everyone in front of me, but it’s a little different today. Today I want to try to beat him.” – Hoshiumi Kourai

22. “Hinata Shoyo, I will wait for you!.” – Hoshiumi Kourai

23. “Raise your hand, even if just for a second longer.” – Hoshiumi Kourai

24. “No one dies even if I make a mistake, so it’s better than Koutaro just not being able to accept the job I like the most.” – Hoshiumi Kourai

25. “I won’t be standing anywhere tomorrow if I don’t hit this ball.” – Hoshiumi Kourai

26. “For the sake of me who can’t fit this in, tomorrow I won’t need anywhere to stand!” – Hoshiumi Kourai

27. “This is how you fight in the air, 190cm you weakling.” – Hoshiumi Kourai

28. “Damn, I can’t see him because he’s small!” – Hoshiumi Kourai

29. “Whatever set it is, whatever kind of enemy it is. No one can fight me in the air!” – Hoshiumi Kourai

30. “I didn’t expect him to get to that level, I think he’s a little, a little better than me in setting and defense.” – Hoshiumi Kourai

31. “Maybe, but not really, because we will beat the world together.” – Hoshiumi Kourai

32. “Habbits become second nature.” – Hoshiumi Kourai

Hirugami Sachirou

1. “No matter how fast you are in front of us, it’s all useless.” – Hirugami Sachirou

2. “Even though my feet are very fast.” – Hirugami Sachirou

3. “If that’s the balance they have, you can’t call it balance, not with that guy on the pitch.” – Hirugami Sachirou

4. “How fast can we maintain it until block accuracy improves?” – Hirugami Sachirou

5. “You are great at everything, Hoshiumi, as usual.” – Hirugami Sachirou

6. “Everything is connected in volleyball, my mistakes are my teammates’ mistakes.” – Hirugami Sachirou

7. “There’s only one explanation when you don’t get results, and that’s not trying hard enough, it’s because you took a shortcut or gave up on something.” – Hirugami Sachirou

8. “Just thinking I could stop at any time made everything suddenly clearer. Then I thought maybe there was some other way I could have done it, and before I knew it I was still playing.” – Hirugami Sachirou

9. “When you lose a point, desire turns into impatience and begins to shackle you, thoughts are like chains. Those who cannot move will only sink.” – Hirugami Sachirou

10. “It’s not unusual for people to turn away from direct confrontation with a spike after they fail to do anything with a spike. Such weak thinking is easy to spot.” – Hirugami Sachirou

11. “Making acceptance and completing blocks is a skill, controlling thought processes is also a skill. But the basis of it all is learning.” – Hirugami Sachirou

12. “No one will die if I mess this up.” – Hirugami Sachirou

13. “We’re talking about Kageyama and Hinata here, don’t exaggerate, don’t get too scared, watch from an objective point of view.” – Hirugami Sachirou

14. “Fast, high, hands reach, even though I can’t stop them, a touch can narrow the direction.” – Hirugami Sachirou

15. “Guess I’ll have to give up the nickname unshakable.” – Hirugami Sachirou

16. “When you start enjoying it you look terrible.” – Hirugami Sachirou

17. “Because this is my favorite activity, there will definitely be obstacles too.” – Hirugami Sachirou

18. “Knowing that I could stop whenever I wanted, I suddenly felt like the world was open to me.” – Hirugami Sachirou

19. “Bumping serve is a skill that can be trained, blocking is a skill that can be trained. Even the way you think is a skill that you can practice and perfect.” – Hirugami Sachirou

20. “But what he (Hoshiumi) taught me today is the basis of everything, making mistakes will not kill you.” – Hirugami Sachirou

21. “Wow! I always complained about that ‘Immovable Hirugami’ nickname because it made me seem like I didn’t move at all. But I can’t complain about that now can I? I guess I’ll just have to do it, give in and accept it as it is.” – Hirugami Sachirou

22. “Ladies and gentlemen, our stars are in action. Bow your heads and make way!.” – Hirugami Sachirou

Miya Atsumu

1. “Anyone who can’t hit a high five from me is just trash.” – Miya Atsumu

2. “Overhand means you have ten fingers to use, ten more than two. More means better, so I go overhand, because I’m a setter.” – Miya Atsumu

3. “One day I’ll give you a high five, but before that happens I’ll give you one at Inter High next year, so you better get ready!” – Miya Atsumu

4. “He’s enjoying it, Tobio-kun. Even though I think he’s a serious, stubborn player, who always tries to look perfect.” – Miya Atsumu

5. “Why is he so different from training camp? pisses me off.” – Miya Atsumu

6. “Jump to an even higher point and get there as quickly as possible. Moreover it was the fastest timing Tobio could set, he did it intuitively.” – Miya Atsumu

7. “The more they mess up, the stronger they get because they’re cornered? so they’re just really strong?.” – Miya Atsumu

8. “we needed cats and seagulls, but the monster finally fell.” – Miya Atsumu

9. “World ranking is not everything, therefore everyone is a winner.” – Miya Atsumu

10. “I held all these monsters in my hands and had the most fun.” – Miya Atsumu

11. “That’s great, when you die I will tell you ‘I’m happier than you!’.” – Miya Atsumu

12. “This point fits, the best angle, perfect!” – Miya Atsumu

13. “Shoyo-kun, I’m going to high-five you someday!” – Miya Atsumu

14. “The points I score are my points, the points my attacker scores are my points, that’s how it works.” – Miya Atsumu

15. “For Tobio-kun Karasuno seemed to make him think ‘ah I can do whatever I want’, and he got up.” – Miya Atsumu

16. “Ah, I panicked too much!” – Miya Atsumu

17. “Fast attacks in the middle will get more annoying the more you take them, right?” – Miya Atsumu

18. “This taste, freshly harvested rice.” – Miya Atsumu

19. “Bottom with two hands, top with 10 fingers. You must be able to support the dominant side, if your position is setter.” – Miya Atsumu

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20. “Setter is so cool!” – Miya Atsumu

21. “I’m starting to understand, in volleyball there are no such things as ‘memories’. Everything is here, everything, my muscles!!.” – Miya Atsumu

22. “Bokuto Koutaro I’ll tell you this first. When you can’t score with my settings, don’t make excuses that the ball passes are bad, okay?” – Miya Atsumu

23. “Praise me when I get points, scold me when I don’t, I don’t need compensatory gifts.” – Miya Atsumu

24. “I don’t care, whether it’s praise or reprimand. Whatever it is, I just want to be here.” – Miya Atsumu

25. “It’s really annoying, but I would definitely do that if I were in their position.” – Miya Atsumu

26. “Don’t interrupt my service again you pig.” – Miya Atsumu

Tanji Washijou

1. “You’re not on the field, but don’t you dare look away!” – Tanji Washijou

2. “First use the year after graduation to really prepare yourself.” – Tanji Washijou

3. “In addition, the time limit is two years.” – Tanji Washijou

4. “This actually has nothing to do with me.” – Tanji Washijou

5. “He has the right spirit and qualities besides the physical, but he has nothing to do with me. Another adult could help him. I’m sure he has Ukai and connections around Kanto.” – Tanji Washijou

6. “But no one has higher expectations of Hinata Shoyou than I do.” – Tanji Washijou

7. “Now Wakatoshi’s height and strength are more refined than before, they are really cool!” – Tanji Washijou

8. “No matter how much we do, or how well we do it, for us there is no such thing as ‘enough’.” – Tanji Washijou

9. “The ‘hunger’ that can make you fight without caring about height.” – Tanji Washijou

10. “Whether you realize it or not, whether it’s positive or negative, but it’s definitely there.” – Tanji Washijou

11. “What we receive is not physical, but hunger.” – Tanji Washijou

12. “At the high school level, the teams change every year, there are lots of things you can do with them.” – Tanji Washijou

13. “Choosing the best and giving them the right polish is the most efficient strategy.” – Tanji Washijou

14. “Does it look like they play good volleyball to you? forget them.” – Tanji Washijou

15. “Your strength is simplicity, it is real strength, solid strength, not a thin veneer.” – Tanji Washijou

16. “Do I want a way to fight even though I’m small? No.” – Tanji Washijou

17. “What I want is what they have, the pure and simple power to crush any opponent.” – Tanji Washijou

18. “‘The bigger, the stronger’, it is an indisputable law of nature.” – Tanji Washijou

19. “Forty years, that’s how long I’ve trained this sport and I would risk everything to deny you and you, Karasuno #10.” – Tanji Washijou

Ukai Keishin

1. “Blocks may be scary but if you can overcome them it won’t be scary.” – Ukai Keishin

2. “If we use an attack that involves several people from all directions, then we increase the amount of information they have to process by force. At that time there will definitely be gaps and pressure.” – Ukai Keishin

3. “There are times when you feel like just giving up, and you start to think that everything is in vain. But at least that’s a wrong thought.” – Ukai Keishin

4. “Who knows how much we’ve saved by having them both together at the front, but this is our choice.” – Ukai Keishin

5. “We will only use a maximum of two blockers on Hoshiumi, because there is no point in adding targets to block out.” – Ukai Keishin

6. “I always thought the greatest setters were cheaters.” – Ukai Keishin

7. “There are times when they really trick opposing blockers.” – Ukai Keishin

8. “But there are also cases where they can say to one of the main players ‘you are the main player, I will pass it to you later’, while saying the same thing to another, secret main player, or saying it so that the opposing blocker can hear it…” – Ukai Keishin

9. “Even if he doesn’t mean it like that, he is always very firm and honest so it’s impossible for them not to be excited by his words.” – Ukai Keishin

10. “Your body and spirit are not two different things, a strong body will have a strong spirit.” – Ukai Keishin

11. “It’s not about going over the edge, it’s about improving it.” – Ukai Keishin

12. “Work hard to grow your muscles.” – Ukai Keishin

13. “It’s strange to say that you are proud of your old student who didn’t stand out.” – Ukai Keishin

14. “I didn’t teach him until I considered myself his master.” – Ukai Keishin

15. “From a strong opponent, if you get one point with great difficulty, then that one point will be a stepping stone to the next point.” – Ukai Keishin

16. “When holding self-esteem confidence with a strong spiker leading the field.” – Ukai Keishin

17. “A player who wants to be the best in the world, a player who considers winning to be an extraordinary thing. Of course, his enthusiasm!” – Ukai Keishin

18. “The reason she (Hinata) was able to handle the situation better than before, was not because she realized it. But because of her location selection techniques, ball control techniques and balance!” – Ukai Keishin

19. “The receiver that Hinata did was an unwavering receiver that didn’t use his knees.” – Ukai Keishin

20. “Don’t you dare look down! Volleyball is a sport where you always look up!.” – Ukai Keishin

21. “In a critical situation, he still manages to find the smallest opening and pull off a feint. His calm focus on winning is terrifying.” – Ukai Keishin

22. “Victory goes to the connected team.” – Ukai Keishin

23. “‘This is the last ball’ think about it all the time and chase it! Otherwise, in the match you will regret that one ball you overlooked during practice.” – Ukai Keishin

24. “If you only pay attention to what is ‘above’, you will stumble from below.” – Ukai Keishin

25. “I have no complaints about our team morale.” – Ukai Keishin

26. “It’s normal for everyone to be nervous or excited at the opening of the first match, so it’s a matter of who gets out of it faster.” – Ukai Keishin

27. “When you watch Aoba Johsai, you definitely think ‘damn they are strong’, but take Datekou’s match for example. If you look at it from the same audience’s perspective, you will think ‘that block is really scary, it’s impossible to win’ But you competed against them and won! Tomorrow you will do the same!” – Ukai Keishin

28. “Don’t forget the frustration and bitterness you felt when you lost to Seijoh. But you don’t need to hold on to that feeling of loss, quickly clean it up.” – Ukai Keishin

Tsukishima Kei

1. “No matter how strong the blockers you have, they can’t compare to a well-coached team.” – Tsukishima Kei

2.”Because they are a team, because they form a group, read ‘a group’ becomes the strongest defense!” – Tsukishima Kei

3. “Fast attacks of weak serves are standard practice.” – Tsukishima Kei

4. “Jumping higher also means being in the air longer.” – Tsukishima Kei

5. “If he jumps with the same timing as the opposing blocker then the person who will go down first is the blocker.” – Tsukishima Kei

6. “Don’t mess up the timing for the perfect block.” – Tsukishima Kei

7. “Perhaps it would be best to imagine that all of Kamomedai’s blockers were Aone-san from Datekou.” – Tsukishima Kei

8. “As long as they get the timing right, even elementary school kids can block Tanaka-san’s punches.” – Tsukishima Kei

9. “#5 is a great speaker but you don’t need to be too careful with him, please pay attention to your timing.” – Tsukishima Kei

10. “Hey King, don’t run away!” – Tsukishima Kei

11. “They are monsters that are only small in body, but humans can still fight them.” – Tsukishima Kei

12. “His eyes told it all.” – Tsukishima Kei

13. “It takes too much energy to answer, let alone talk to a fool.” – Tsukishima Kei

14. “Blcok leads will laugh at the end.” – Tsukishima Kei

15. “I’m still fine.” – Tsukishima Kei

16. “Processing a sudden increase in information is very unpleasant.” – Tsukishima Kei

17. “He’s always been little Tanaka, and I’m sure this monster’s strength will recover just with sleep.” – Tsukishima Kei

18. “Blockers pay attention to the entire court, don’t leave any gaps on the sidelines!” – Tsukishima Kei

19. “I want to go home quickly so I can see Kamomedai’s blocker video.” – Tsukishima Kei

20. “One touch.” – Tsukishima Kei

21. “I’ve been waiting for the recklessness you guys will do.” – Tsukishima Kei

22. “I can’t beat Ushiwaka, but I want to at least stop some of his spikes.” – Tsukishima Kei

23. “I only managed to block the spike once, I only managed to return one point, it’s just a club.” – Tsukishima Kei

24. “I’ll watch, I’ll watch. There’s something about seeing them out on that field that makes me feel like I have to move too.” – Tsukishima Kei

25. “We’re not fixated on winning or losing, so if it’s a hassle for you to lose, how about we give you a game?” – Tsukishima Kei

26. “Useless hot-blooded people annoy me.” – Tsukishima Kei

27. “You’re not the only one thinking there, what is the opponent’s defense like and how will he react, which shots work and which don’t, we all think about that!” – Tsukishima Kei

28. “It’s not like I’m competing with him for first place.” – Tsukishima Kei

29. “Oh my God, what came over me? This is stupid, I’m not Hinata. Why do I feel like I want to keep fighting until the end?” – Tsukishima Kei

30. “It’s annoying to have Hinata buzzing around you all the time like a bug.” – Tsukishima Kei

31. “The idea that the only good blocking is lethal blocking is outdated.” – Tsukishima Kei

32. “If I could trap him here, I’m sure the whole team would go crazy. But I can’t, so you might as well be there.” – Tsukishima Kei

Sakusa Kiyoomi

1. “If a small meteor fell from the sky right now and hit someone on the head, you could say you really feel sorry for him. But other than that, pity is useless.” – Sakusa Kiyoomi

2. “If I had to say ‘poor thing’, then I would say it’s a shame that someone else said ‘poor thing’ to you.” – Sakusa Kiyoomi

3. “You annoyed me at Kurowashiki this year Wakatoshi-kun. I won’t lose again.” – Sakusa Kiyoomi

4. “Why are you so strong, Wakatoshi-kun?” – Sakusa Kiyoomi

5. “Unlucky people with physiques like that. Even though they are like that, because they are here they must be strong!” – Sakusa Kiyoomi

6. “I hate people who are indifferent and unprepared.” – Sakusa Kiyoomi

7. “I don’t like playing with kids who can’t control themselves.” – Sakusa Kiyoomi

8. “I think everyone in the field lives conscientiously, even though sometimes unexpected things happen.” – Sakusa Kiyoomi

9. “We’ve fought the good fight.” – Sakusa Kiyoomi

10. “If you lack practice or preparation you will definitely regret it.” – Sakusa Kiyoomi

11. “Survive by luck, meet others by luck, play volleyball by luck.” – Sakusa Kiyoomi

12. “End with a smile, end with a win.” – Sakusa Kiyoomi

13. “For today, tomorrow, and even yesterday, do it carefully and with all your might, and luck. Because it can end at any time.” – Sakusa Kiyoomi

14. “I don’t know Portuguese, ‘you’re dead if you don’t hold it’.” – Sakusa Kiyoomi

15. “A field full of great people makes me feel faint. It doesn’t bother me, in fact I really like it.” – Sakusa Kiyoomi

16. “I’m not a pessimist, I’m a realist.” – Sakusa Kiyoomi

17. “I’m going to shower first, I want to get out before someone else puts germs in the water.” – Sakusa Kiyoomi

18. “I’m lucky enough to have survived this long, lucky to be able to meet people, and lucky to be able to play volleyball.” – Sakusa Kiyoomi

Takeda Ittetsu

1. “This is the same as what happened with Sawamura, you should be checked to make sure you are okay.” – Takeda Ittetsu

2. “I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but right now I can’t let you play in any more games.” – Takeda Ittetsu

3. “You get twice as much joy as most people from playing because you didn’t get to play in middle school, and I’m sure that makes it even more disappointing.” – Takeda Ittetsu

4. “Therefore remember this feeling there will definitely be times in your life where you will feel this again. There will come a time when there is nothing you can do, whenever that happens pay attention and put this into your mind.” – Takeda Ittetsu

5. “You said you would win a gold medal someday and not just one.” – Takeda Ittetsu

6. “Now that you know there is a wall that you cannot pass through carelessly, when that time comes, what you need is knowledge of logic and thought.” – Takeda Ittetsu

7. “Hinata, this moment right now is also part of Volleyball, think about how to win.” – Takeda Ittetsu

8. “Your body will still develop, but in a sport where you compete across a high net, in the world of Volleyball where 190cm is considered small, you will always be small.” – Takeda Ittetsu

9. “You have to understand that you will get fewer opportunities than others. And you have to take advantage of those opportunities while making sure that you don’t let them slip away from you.” – Takeda Ittetsu

10. “Of all people you should always be in the best condition, so that you can always be at the forefront when you get the chance.” – Takeda Ittetsu

11. “I’m just proud of you all.” – Takeda Ittetsu

12. “Defeat is proof of your current strength, but it is not proof of weakness.” – Takeda Ittetsu

13. “This is not the end for all of you. Even in the future you can do anything!” – Takeda Ittetsu

14. “Hinata, even now, this is what volleyball is all about.” – Takeda Ittetsu

15. “Isn’t losing difficult for all of you? A challenge that ends with your hands resting on your knees, you have to see if you can stand up again?” – Takeda Ittetsu

16. “If your hands remain on your knees, it proves that you are weak.” – Takeda Ittetsu

17. “You being weak means you have room to grow, and there is no greater happiness than that.” – Takeda Ittetsu

18. “When colors mix they become muddy and messy. But when they all come together, it produces the dominant color, which is black. Be a black team like the crows you represent.” – Takeda Ittetsu

19. “Please keep thinking, rational thinker Karasuno!” – Takeda Ittetsu

20. “To become a great person you first have to start being humble and take steps slowly in the right order.” – Takeda Ittetsu

21. “For the rest of your life you can do whatever you want.” – Takeda Ittetsu

22. “Why didn’t I notice, why?!” – Takeda Ittetsu




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