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Best Psycho Pass Quotes from All Characters (English Language)

Kata-Kata Mutiara Anime Pyscho Pass dalam Bahasa Inggris

The anime Psycho Pass depicts the journey of a police officer named Akane Tsunemori, who serves in the law enforcement division of a futuristic society relying on advanced technology known as the Sibyl System. This system is capable of identifying individuals with criminal behaviors and tendencies.

In this anime, we are also introduced to the character Shogo Makishima, known for his many inspiring quotes. Additionally, many other characters in this story have wise words that can motivate.

Kuarsa.com summarized Best Psycho Pass Quotes from All Characters.

Best Psycho Pass Quotes from All Characters

Kata-Kata Mutiara Anime Pyscho Pass dalam Bahasa Inggris
Kata-Kata Mutiara Anime Pyscho Pass dalam Bahasa Inggris
Kata-Kata Mutiara Anime Pyscho Pass dalam Bahasa Inggris Kata-Kata Mutiara Anime Pyscho Pass dalam Bahasa Inggris Kata-Kata Mutiara Anime Pyscho Pass dalam Bahasa Inggris

Shogo Makishima

1. “A book is not something that just reads words. Books are also a tool to adjust your senses.” – Shogo Makishima

2. “Even beautiful flowers will eventually wither and fall. That is the fate of all living creatures.” – Shogo Makishima

3. “I love the game that people call “life” from the bottom of my heart.” – Shogo Makishima

4. “I want to continue participating in it as a player, forever.” – Shogo Makishima

5. “The opposite of boredom is not fun… but excitement.” – Shogo Makishima.

6. “People will gladly seek any joy, even pain.” – Shogo Makishima.

7. “I want to know what kind of criteria you use to differentiate people into good and bad.” – Shogo Makishima

8. “I want to see the splendor of the human spirit.” – Shogo Makishima

9. “A perfect plan doesn’t mean everything goes according to expectations.” – Shogo Makishima.

10. “A perfect plan will be achieved when it has the plasticity necessary to flexibly address problems.” – Shogo Makishima

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11. “What do humans want? In my opinion, the most troublesome desire is the desire to be cared for. It is also a source of arguments and relationship problems.” – Shogo Makishima

12. “I just long for a world where ordinary things were done in ordinary ways.” – Shogo Makishima

13. “You disappoint me. So I have to give punishment. Regret your helplessness and feel hopeless.” – Shogo Makishima

14. “In my opinion, the only time a person is truly valuable is when they act according to their own desires.” – Shogo Makishima

15. “Unexpected situations… Unexpected events… In facing these things, you will also face your true identity.” – Shogo Makishima

16. “To measure someone’s worth, you have to do more than force them.” – Shogo Makishima.

17. “The real way to test their worth is to give them power.” – Shogo Makishima.

18. “When they get the freedom to act outside the bounds of law and ethics, sometimes you can see into their souls.” – Shogo Makishima.

19. “For some time researchers have understood that mild stress has beneficial effects. For example, it improves the immune system.” – Shogo Makishima.

20. “Stress motivates and prepares us for action. Stress forces our bodies to survive.” – Shogo Makishima

Psycho Pass

1. “Society does not always do what is right. That is why we ourselves must live virtuous lives.” – Akane Tsunemori

2. “Being a detective isn’t about taking someone down, it’s about protecting someone.” – Shinya Kogami

3. “It has nothing to do with good or bad. It’s like, it’s there, so we accept it and use it.” – Akane Tsunemori

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4. “No matter where you are, people are finding ways to entertain themselves.” – Shuusei Kagari

5. “They say that fools learn from experience, while wise people learn from history. I hope you are not stupid. – Nobuchika Ginoza

6. “Everyone here is the same. They didn’t see anything. They didn’t say anything. And they don’t think anything.” – Oryou Rikako

7. “This is a disease called sobriety – a form of death that people desire.” – Oryou Rikako

8. “What matters is not the final judgment of “good” and “evil.” What’s important is that you make that decision yourself. That you suffered for it and finally accepted it. – Akane Tsunemori

9. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t keep my promise. I wanted to get into a job where I could protect people.” Shinya Kogami.

10. “However, the law cannot judge him.” – Shinya Kogami

11. “Charisma has three points. The qualities of a hero or prophet, the ability to make you feel comfortable around them, and the intelligence to speak about anything eloquently,” – Saiga Jouji

12. “Everything you have been taught is based on theory and logic. Soon, you will realize how useless they are. – Tomomi Masaoka