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Best Chainsaw Man Quotes from All Characters (English Language)

Kata-Kata Mutiara Semua Karakter Chainsaw Man dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Best Chainsaw Man Quotes from All Characters (English Language)

Chainsaw Man, an anime created by Tatsuki Fujimoto, has captured the attention of many enthusiasts. Produced by studio MAPPA and published by Shueisha, this anime successfully won the Harvey Award 2022 in the Best Manga category. You can officially enjoy this adventure through platforms such as Crunchyroll, Netflix, Ani-One Asia, and many more.

The story of Chainsaw Man follows the journey of Denji, an orphan burdened by his father’s debts from his days as a Yakuza member. Denji’s life, full of misery and hardship, takes a drastic turn when he encounters Pochita, the Chainsaw Devil. Pochita not only changes Denji’s fate but also chooses to become a part of him, aiding Denji in becoming the Chainsaw Man, a devil hunter. Together with companions like Power, Makima, Hayakawa Aki, and others, they strive to fulfill Denji’s simple dream.

Here are Quotes from All Chainsaw Man Characters as summarized by in English.

Best Chainsaw Man Quotes from All Characters

Kata-Kata Mutiara Semua Karakter Chainsaw Man dalam Bahasa Inggris Kata-Kata Mutiara Semua Karakter Chainsaw Man dalam Bahasa Inggris Kata-Kata Mutiara Semua Karakter Chainsaw Man dalam Bahasa Inggris Kata-Kata Mutiara Semua Karakter Chainsaw Man dalam Bahasa Inggris


1. “Never give up, keep fighting even when everything seems hopeless.” – Makima

2. “Maintain your determination, because only with strong determination can we achieve our dreams.” – Makima

3. “Be the creator of your own destiny, and don’t let fate determine you.” – Makima

4. “We will continue to work together, until death do us part.” – Makima

5. “All demons are born with a name. When the demon’s name is feared, its power will naturally increase.” – Makima

6. “I want to use Chainsaw Man for a better world.” – Makima

7. “Answer “Yes” or “Woof.” I don’t need a dog that says “No.” – Makima

8. “We will continue to work together, until death do us part.” – Makima

9. “The crime you say is just an excuse to justify the crime you committed. Society doesn’t need that excuse.” – Makima

10. “Consider, death, war, and famine. There are many things in this world that will increase happiness once removed. And I will eliminate them all using the Power of Chainsaw Man.” – Makima

11. “I like humans. Just like humans really like dogs. They are loyal, easy to handle, smart, and stupid. Just watching them is fun. And also, they love me.” – Makima

12. “Naughty things feel better the more you get to know your partner.” – Makima

13. “You forgot? You are my pet now. All you can say is “yes” or “woof”. I don’t need a dog that says no. – Makima

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14. “It’s just one of my wishes. Didn’t I tell you before? I’m a fan.” – Makima

15. “If Chainsaw Man lets me be eaten, I will become a part of him and for that, I say there is no greater privilege in this world. – Makima

16. “The necessary evils you speak of, are just excuses to justify the evil things you do.” – Makima

17. “Society doesn’t need that excuse. This nation regularly takes necessary evils and endures them. – Makima

Hayakawa Aki

1. “The enemy is the enemy, we just exploit him.” – Hayakawa Aki.

2. “Everyone I ever worked with to earn money as a demon hunter was all killed by the demon. The only person left alive was the one who had a firm grip on his beliefs.” – Hayakawa Aki

3. “Even if it costs me my life, I won’t let you kill Denji.” – Hayakawa Aki

4. “I’ve had enough of seeing people killed before my eyes.” – Hayakawa Aki

5. “Sometimes, big changes start with small steps.” – Hayakawa Aki

6. “Every mistake is a valuable lesson to grow and become better.” – Hayakawa Aki

7. “Whatever happens I want Denji and Power to have happiness.” – Hayakawa Aki

8. “If I can kill the person I want to kill, then I don’t care what happens next.” – Hayakawa Aki

9. “Hinemono-senpai, do you still have your cigarettes? Then give them to me.” – Hayakawa Aki

10. “Even if my life is cut short, I will not let Denji be killed.” – Hayakawa Aki

11. “The person who killed my family and the person who killed my friend are still alive. So why should I stop?” – Hayakawa Aki

12. “Neither the new hunter I think is strong nor I will die or move to the civilian sector.” – Hayakawa Aki

13. “It’s okay if it’s just one cigarette, I’ll only smoke this one cigarette in my life.” – Hayakawa Aki

14. “I have no intention of being friends with them.” – Hayakawa Aki


1. “When everything is dark, the only thing you can do is keep moving forward.” – Denji

2. “You can be stronger than you imagine. Believe in your potential.” – Denji

3. “Never give up, keep going even if the world is against you.” – Denji

4. “Everyone has their own dreams. There’s nothing wrong with that. But if you want to get in our way, get lost!” – Denji

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5. “If a devil could be my friend, then I would accept it, because before I had no friends.” – Denji

6. “If my dream comes true, I want to hug a girl before I die.” – Denji

7. “I just want to live normally, and die normally too. So make that dream come true for me.” – Denji

8. “I will do something as serious as you do. So you can rely on me.” – Denji

9. “I can forgive a certain level of absurdity, provided the performance is quite interesting.” – Denji

10. “Of all the girls I know, all of them have tried to kill me.” – Denji

11. “Maybe I became a demon hunter for very shallow reasons, but I would die to continue living like this.” – Denji

12. “What, those parents never taught you? The prey must not believe what the hunter says!.” – Denji

13. “Did I lose my humanity when I lost my heart?” – Denji

14. “At least let me dream a little.” – Denji

15. “I will take things as seriously as you. So you can count on me all the time.” – Denji

16. “That’s Makima for you. Just by talking to her, all the hidden things that were bothering me disappeared. My heart belongs only to Makima. There’s no way I’ll fall in love with anyone else!.” – Denji

17. “You know Makima, even after everything I’ve been through, I still love you from the bottom of my heart.” – Denji

18. “Everyone is after my Chainsaw heart! What about mine?! Denji’s! Doesn’t anyone want that?! Huh?!.” – Denji

19. “When I fight a guy, it’s crazy or nothing!.” – Denji

20. “I will save you, so you will save me too. I don’t want to die either.” – Denji

21. “Don’t treat men like fucking dogs.” – Denji

22. “I love me some bad guys!.” – Denji

23. “Will there still be bad movies? Hmm I guess I’ll have to kill you after all that.” – Denji

24. “When things are dark, the only thing you can do is keep pushing forward.” – Denji


1. “True courage is accepting uncertainty and moving on.” – Power

2. “Be yourself, because only by being yourself can you find true happiness.” – Power

3. “Fear is something we can control, not something that controls us.” – Power

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4. “People like you probably won’t be able to understand how I feel about cats.” – Power

5. “I hate humans, not because of what they have done to me. It’s like the devil’s natural instinct, I just follow it.” – Power

6. “The devil cannot lie. Only humans always lie.” – Power

7. “I can only get along with cats. I hate humans! It’s just some kind of demonic instinctive hatred.” – Power

8. “Denji, look at this! And tell the world! That power is the strongest ever!.” – Power

9. “I can’t believe you took my story as the truth. Humans are really stupid.” – Power

10. “Bow down, human! Because I am Power! Will you be my so-called partner?!” – Power

11. “Human! Hurry up and let me kill something! I’m bloodthirsty!” – Power

Chainsaw Man

1. “Don’t die yet Aki, I want you to be the one who cries when I die.” – Himeno

2. “Facing your fears is the first step to moving beyond them.” – Himeno

3. “I also want to go to college, but I think I will die here.” – Kobeni

4. “Believe in yourself, even if the world is against you.” – Kishibe

5. “I can’t stand it anymore, doing work like this can make you crazy” – Kobeni

6. “I am the strongest demon hunter. So if there is a demon who can defeat me, it is the strongest demon.” – Kishibe

7. “The past does not determine your future, but your choices will shape it.” – Kishibe

8. “Be brave in the face of uncertainty, because that is what makes our lives meaningful.” – Angel

9. “Sometimes, we have to give up something that matters to us in order to achieve a greater goal.” – Quanxi

10. “When everything seems impossible, make it a challenge that spurs your progress.” – Quanxi

11. “When life feels hard, remember that we are not alone. There are people around you who care.” – Beam

12. “Failure is not the end of everything, but an opportunity to learn and bounce back.” – Beam

13. “Courage is not the absence of fear, but action in the midst of fear.” – Reze

14. “If we are afraid, it means we are alive. Don’t waste your life.” – Santa Claus


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