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Best Blue Lock Quotes from All Characters (English Version)

Kata-Kata Mutiara Semua Karakter Blue Lock dalam Bahasa Inggris, Kutipan Gambar Aesthetic

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Best Blue Lock Quotes from All Characters (English Version)

Blue Lock, an anime centered around the world of football, possesses a unique charm that sets it apart from other football-themed anime. With Muneyuki Kaneshiro as the writer and Yusuke Nomura as the illustrator, this anime introduces a refreshing atmosphere.

What makes Blue Lock truly exceptional is its unconventional approach to the football narrative. Unlike typical football anime, Blue Lock doesn’t merely depict ordinary football matches. Instead, the anime presents Blue Lock as an ambitious project aiming to create the world’s best individualist striker, fueled by an extraordinary thirst for victory. It offers a perspective that truly deviates from the norms of football anime.

The genesis of this project itself is a response to Japan’s defeat in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. With high hopes, Blue Lock is envisioned as an endeavor to discover the most promising player capable of becoming the world’s best striker. This intriguing concept injects a fresh dimension into the world of football within the realm of anime.

Best Blue Lock Quotes from All Characters

Kata-Kata Mutiara Semua Karakter Blue Lock dalam Bahasa Inggris, Kutipan Gambar Aesthetic Kata-Kata Mutiara Semua Karakter Blue Lock dalam Bahasa Inggris, Kutipan Gambar Aesthetic Kata-Kata Mutiara Semua Karakter Blue Lock dalam Bahasa Inggris, Kutipan Gambar Aesthetic Kata-Kata Mutiara Semua Karakter Blue Lock dalam Bahasa Inggris, Kutipan Gambar Aesthetic Kata-Kata Mutiara Semua Karakter Blue Lock dalam Bahasa Inggris, Kutipan Gambar Aesthetic

Yoichi Isagi

1. “Football is a sport played with 11 people. So, one person cannot win alone.” – Yoichi Isagi.

2. “Football is not just for one person. One for all. I want to win!” – Yoichi Isagi.

3. “The difference between me and Rin is the difference in our determination to accept.” – Yoichi Isagi.

4. “No, even I think I’ve won against him.” – Yoichi Isagi.

5. “I lost to him, and just picked to move on!” – Yoichi Isagi.

6. “I have to accept that fact!” – Yoichi Isagi.

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7. “Otherwise, there would be no other chance.” – Yoichi Isagi.

8. “I have to include the piece called ‘Luck’ in my thought process.” – Yoichi Isagi.

9. “I need to update my understanding at a basic level!” – Yoichi Isagi.

10. “I have to become a newer version of myself!” – Yoichi Isagi.

11. “I will lead Japan to victory in the U-20 World Cup.” – Yoichi Isagi.

12. “I came here to become the best player in the world” – Yoichi Isagi.

13. “I must defeat those who are stronger than me. Otherwise, there will be no significant changes.” – Yoichi Isagi.

14. “I want to know more about what’s inside me.” – Yoichi Isagi.

15. “What monster is inside me? That could be a clue to how I can survive in Blue Lock.” – Yoichi Isagi.

16. “Victory is mine.” – Yoichi Isagi.

17. “You don’t have what it takes to be a Striker.” – Yoichi Isagi.

18. “I still have regrets about the defeat and tears this time.” – Yoichi Isagi.

19. “I don’t want regrets to happen again.” – Yoichi Isagi.

20. “What I need most is to win.” – Yoichi Isagi.

21. “Change must start now.” – Yoichi Isagi.

22. “This passion can only be cooled by victory.” – Yoichi Isagi.

23. “I will be reborn, according to what I need.” – Yoichi Isagi.

24. “No matter how much you try to understand others, one cannot change another person.” – Yoichi Isagi.

25. “You have to change yourself, if the world doesn’t go your way.” – Yoichi Isagi.

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26. “If I can’t see the light that leads to Goals, I will be that light.” – Yoichi Isagi.

27. “Look at me adapting to you.” – Yoichi Isagi.

28. “I will swallow the darkness that you create, and turn it into light.” – Yoichi Isagi.

29. “You don’t have to have a goal to be the chosen one. But instead, you can be the chosen one.” – Yoichi Isagi.

30. “Only the world’s best striker prospects can stay in the Blue Lock.” – Yoichi Isagi.

Meguru Bachira

1. “I’ll win if it kills me!” -Meguru Bachira.

2. “Since coming to Blue Lock, I don’t want to lose everything I found here!” -Meguru Bachira.

3. “I would be very happy if I could continue playing soccer with Isagi by my side.” -Meguru Bachira.

4. “I don’t want to lose my first friend. I don’t want to go back to those days of being alone!” -Meguru Bachira.

5. “Win even if it kills me, and steal back Isagi! That’s what it says to me!!” – Meguru Bachira.

6. “At one point with the ball, that’s what matters most. Back then, that was the only reason I needed to play football!” – Meguru Bachira.

7. “For me, there is nothing more fun in the world than this!! Fight, beat yourself!” -Meguru Bachira.

8. “The fire is inside me!! I will become a monster even if there is no one else waiting for me!” -Meguru Bachira.

9. “What I trust most is not logic, but instinct.” – Meguru Bachira.

10. “My greatest weapon is dribbling.” – Meguru Bachira.

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11. “Great! Absolutely great! Finally, something fun to do.” – Meguru Bachira.

12. “Of course you know, we all came to Blue Lock to be the best strikers in the world.” – Meguru Bachira.

Other Characters

1. “I have to change. I have to become something to beat Sae and Isagi.” – Rin Itoshi.

2. “For me, this match is just a stepping stone to becoming the best in the world.” – Rin Itoshi.

3. “Do you really think you can understand me?” – Rin Itoshi.

4. “Luck is not something that comes by chance.” – Rin Itoshi.

5. “Those who cannot attain victory, after exerting all their efforts are simply weaklings.” – Nagi.

6. “Either you win or you lose. While you are excited about your mediocre success, a true striker walks the path to win or lose everything.” – Jinpachi’s ego.

7. “If you are surrounded by all your special friends, you can synergize, and when you are alone, your coordination is mediocre.” – Tabito Karasu.

8. “I will make this dream of mine come true, and fight against the world for it, fair and square.” – Kunigami.

9. “For me, football is not just fun and games. You could say, football is the act of living the explosion of life.” – Ryusei Shido


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